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Garage Door Security

Garage Doors Security

Too Many People concentrate on security measure for their house , and do not take into account that they keep their most expensive possessions in the garage .

Frankly Speaking I’ve seen a lot of garages with doors connected down with pieces of cord , or defective locks replaced with a padlock the size of a lemon . You take a look inside and there’s a mini bike worth more than 40k , and the doors are open and clear . The Worst is coming I’ve seen other folks leave their keys in the ignition , ‘to save time in the early morning !

Yet for a few bucks you could get a garage door fitted with an ear-piercing alarm and rock-solid lock to give yourself the best security
If you really need to increase your security

Check out those garage security tips . They could save you a lot ! and I really mean it . .

• Don’t rely on the garage door only . Lock your car or your bike .

• Install an infra-red detector .

• Install movement activated lighting to direct the spotlight on activity near your garage door .

• Make sure that your garage door remote controls are far away from the reach of children .

• If you keep your door opener remote device in your vehicle, never leave any connecting door between the garage along with your home un-locked. Thieves or home invaders could steal your remote from the car and get into your home through the garage.
• Maintain and Examine your door and fittings every month for parts that may be defective or damaged
• Lock your door ! being late for a meeting or a date could mean you simply forget . Add a note to your dashboard to remind you With that . .

• Security label your personal assets . There are plenty of available techniques to help you to mark permanently your portable property with an extremely visible warning module to prevent thievery .
Check your adjacent entry doors . If the worst comes to the worst , and somebody does enter into your garage , ensure it is as close to not possible as it can be for them to enter into your main premises through any surrounding doors . Alarm systems on your home must include sensors that is able to recognize entry through the garage .

• When you open the garage door Don’t Place your fingers in between the door’s joints and Check your adjoining doors . If a thief does enter your garage , make it as hard for him to enter into your main property through any adjoining doors . Alarms on your house should have sensors that can detect anyone who enters your garage

• Discover how to activate the door’s emergency release function to make sure that it is nearby all the time

• In cases where the garage door opener is unable to reverse when something interrupts its sensor path, have this repaired by a technician as quick as possible. Children could easily be stuck and severely harmed by malfunctioning doors.

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